About Us

Jukebox Title Strips

Made Easy

I am the creator of a jukebox software called Jukebox Create-A-
Label.. Its super easy to use and it only costs 30 bucks. The reason
behind the making of this software goes like this:

My father has 3 jukeboxes and he would always have a hard time finding
records at the store that came with the title strips. He purchased
some of the sheets of pre-printed title strips and after finding out
how to set up the margins in MS Word he ruined about 6 sheets. I went
online in search of software which can print out title strips for
him.. No luck.. Everything was way over priced and looked too
Well I sat myself down and started to write my own software. It came
out great. He loves it.. Super easy for him to understand and use.
After a while I thought to myself he is probably not the only one who
is having this problem. So I put the program up on a website and
decided to start selling it.


Hope you like it as much as dad did.